[Paper] Effect of O3 on Growth of Pt by Atomic Layer Deposition


Effect of O3 on Growth of Pt by Atomic Layer Deposition

Han-Bo-Ram Lee, Katie L. Pickrahn, and Stacey F. Bent*

J. Phys. Chem. C, Received March 15, 2014



The growth characteristics of Pt deposited by atomic layer deposition
(ALD) with methylcyclopentadienyltrimethylplatinum (MeCpPtMe3) and O3 are studied both experimentally and by modeling. The growth rate of Pt ALD using O3 is higher than that using either air or O2 counter reactants. In addition, a low deposition temperature of 150 °C for the deposition of metallic Pt using O3 is obtained. To investigate the role of O3 during initial growth, Pt is deposited on O3-pretreated SiO2 using air as the counter reactant. Pt deposited in this way on O3-pretreated SiO2 shows a rapid increase of surface coverage, which is similar to Pt ALD using O3 and different from Pt ALD using air on untreated SiO2.From the modeling study, it is found that pretreating the surface with O3 increases the steady state nucleation rate and decreases the nucleation incubation time on the SiO2 surface, the same phenomena which are believed to occur during the initial growth of ALD Pt using O3 counter reactant.