[Paper] Selective metal deposition at graphene line defects by atomic layer deposition


Selective metal deposition at graphene line defects by atomic layer deposition

Kwanpyo Kim†, Han-Bo-Ram Lee†, Richard W. Johnson, Jukka T.Tanskanen, Nan Liu, Myung-Gil Kim, Changhyun Pang, Chiyui Ahn, Stacey F. Bent & Zhenan Bao, †These authors contributed equally to this work.

Nature Communications 5:4781 (2014)


Received 09 March 2014/ Accepted 23 July 2014/ Published 02 September 2014 


One-dimensional defects in graphene have a strong influence on its physical properties, such as electrical charge transport and mechanical strength. With enhanced chemical reactivity, such defects may also allow us to selectively functionalize the material and systematically tune the properties of graphene. Here we demonstrate the selective deposition of metal at chemical vapour deposited graphene’s line defects, notably grain boundaries, by atomic layer deposition. Atomic layer deposition allows us to deposit Pt predominantly on graphene’s grain boundaries, folds and cracks due to the enhanced chemical reactivity of these line defects, which is directly confirmed by transmission electron microscopy imaging. The selective functionalization of graphene defect sites, together with the nanowire morphology of deposited Pt, yields a superior platform for sensing applications. Using Pt–graphene hybrid structures, we demonstrate high-performance hydrogen gas sensors at room temperature and show its advantages over other evaporative Pt deposition methods, in which Pt decorates the graphene surface non-selectively.